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Myke Dizzle


For decades, Celebrity Barber and Restauranteur Myke Dizzle has curated the hottest cultural and nightlife experiences in his urban hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Dedicated to instilling consistent excitement and pleasure into every event he hosts, Myke Dizzle makes no exception for gatherings with friends and family.


In 2000, Myke Dizzle envisioned a perfect concoction to quench the varied palates of loved ones at a family gathering who expressed a preference to savor either dark or light spirits. Born from a desire to satisfy the tastes of all of his guests, Myke hand-crafted his namesake exotic blend, The Dizzle. The refreshing island cocktail was met with overwhelming enthusiasm, prompting Myke to share the mouth-watering recipe with the nightly crowds at his and his partner Tyrei Lacy’s popular Los Angeles establishment, Game Sports Bar Restaurant & Lounge.

T H E D i z z l e

The Dizzle quickly became the most highly-favored craft cocktail at the club, outpacing sales of all of the restaurant’s standard mixed drink offerings such as the Margarita and Long Island Iced Tea. Ensuring the highest quality and tantalizing taste, Myke reproduced the tailor-made blend with island flavors of ripe mango margarita mix, tangy orange liqueur, hints of crisp lemon, formulating an exquisite union with the opulence and intensity of French cognac and agave tequila to create a superior delicacy.

Now, Myke Dizzle has devoted himself to delivering the craftsmanship of this family-inspired recipe to excite gatherings around the globe, from elite industry yacht parties to your friendly neighborhood barbecue. Become a part of our family, and let DIZZLE Premium Original Liqueur take you on a unique and luxurious journey to your next exotic escape. From the VIP section to the comfort of your home, just pour over ice and enjoy. Go ahead, you’re worth it.


In 2020, after over a decade of successful sales of the “Dizzle” a signature cocktail at Myke Dizzle and partner/Co-owner Tyrei Lacy’s GS Sports Bar Restaurant & Lounge in Los Angeles, the Dizzle Brand LLC was born. Industry tastemakers and frequent patrons, Livio Harris, a 30-year Music, Film and Television Professional, and his partner Chris Roker, also a 30 Year Promotions and Marketing Executive, urged Myke to bottle his bar favorite Dizzle, Myke agreed, and together they activated plans to bring the original island-flavored liqueur to retail shelves, bars and elite parties worldwide.


Livio Harris
Livio Harris (President/Partner of Dizzle Brand LLC) will be utilizing his 31 Years in the entertainment business of music, film, and television relationships to assist in spreading the popularity of Dizzle. By having successful artists, rappers, actors, and influencers participate in exploding the Dizzle Brand, Livio will also be taking a page from his Uptown Records Alumi-Sean "Diddy'' Combs Ciroc success stories. In his past, Livio Harris has served many years as a marketing consultant under Rich Deccio (President of United Spirits LLC) who is a 16+ year veteran specializing in sales and distribution of liquor brands. Rich is responsible for Livio's passion for the business of Liquor as well as the idea of celebrities with their personal liquor brands long before being an ever-growing trend and gaining a love for liquor brands in general.
Chris Roker
Chris Roker is a well-experienced 25 Year Entertainment Industry Veteran who has specialized in the areas of marketing, promotions, and sales. He has promoted recording Artists for major record labels as well as brands from the perspective of building awareness nationally. Chris Roker as Vice-President of Dizzle Brand LLC will handle day-to-day duties with the company in areas of potential investment opportunities assisting in getting the brand established and known nationwide. He will also be dealing with digital target marketing as well as assisting in the further development of new products and innovative ideas for the brand and company as a whole.